Only one in four Spanish companies is present on Facebook

October 8, 2010 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

Oak Power Communication has developed a study to evaluate the online presence of Spanish companies, especially in social media, namely Facebook. 600 companies from 13 different economic sector were surveyed. The companies’ size ranged from 10 to more than 500 employees.

The conclusion is pretty interesting: approximately one in four companies has a page (26.2%), profile or other presence on Facebook. The most active companies are small ones, with no more that 50 employees (30% of the companies surveyed) and the least active ones are the big companies.

The reason for this is relatively simple: small companies take advantage of the social media environment (we could say cheap social media marketing) to get their voice heard and tap into the huge pool of potential clients that is Facebook. But why are big companies not so active on Facebook? Because 500 employees means that they are influencers in their domain? Because already spend lots of money on marketing? Well, it’s recommended that they enter the social networks as clients want to get their voice heard and actually communicate with the company.

The most active companies are the fasion ones, tourism companies, followed by catering and hotels, sports and media. The least active companies, by economic sector are: large banks, financial corporations, real estate groups. This is particularly interesting as there is an increasing need for transparency, especially in the financial sector. Real estate groups need to penetrate new markets, whether they are local or global. Even if it requires a great deal of dedication and time, the results of being active in social networks can be fascinating.

Although the use of Facebook is still minor in Spanish companies, that does not mean they do not consider doing business: 34.5% of entrepreneurs and executives use the network in some way in their professional activities, percentage increases in smaller firms and decreases in the majors.

Why should your company be present on Facebook?

Regarding the reasons for the Spanish companies have a presence on Facebook, the majority (56%) said they do so because they consider it a good tool for communication and image, brand positioning and PR.

Only 19% indicate a specific business purpose and 15% referred to their role in enhancing and improving customer relations. 2% also admit that they do it because it is fashionable.

Why isn’t your conpany present on Facebook?

73.8% of companies that are not on Facebook, stated that they aren’t present on Facebook because they does not know enough, followed by 17% who think that it poses no specific commercial use and 15% who think that it doesn’t have no promotional interest. Facebook is also considered an element of distraction for employees, rather than a useful tool.

The truth is that interest in Facebook is growing among businesses, as 55.4 percent of which are not present in the network ensures that they are entering it in the coming months.


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