The calendar of Spanish fiesta

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Want to come to Spain? The best time to do that is during a celebration, or a fiesta, as the Spaniards call them.

January. The first celebration of the year is on the 5th of January. In every town of Spain, people celebrate the arrivalof the Three Kings from the Orient. The streets are taken over by parades of all sorts and the little ones receive sweets and little gifts.

February. Seville holds the Tapas Fair where you can taste the famous Spanish tapas. Also, Cádiz, Tenerife or Barcelona hold huge carnivals with fancy costume!

March. The Fallas fiesta in Valencia has noisy street parties, fireworks and a massive burning of papier-mâché effigies called Fallas.

Also, the Jerez Flamenco Festival bring the country’s best flamenco singers and dancers together.

April. You won’t want to miss the Semana Santa (the Holy Week) in Spain. Check out the processions in Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga. The processions take over these cities. Members of different parishes carry wooden floats representing scenes from the Bible.

Two weeks after Semana Santa, prepare for the biggest celebration of the year in Sevilla. Feria de Abril represents the Andalucian way of party-one week of singing, dancing, wine tasting and eating.

May. Cruces de Mayo is held in Granada and Cordoba. Large crosses are hung to decorate parishes and the locals party in the street. Feria de Cordoba (Cordoba Fair) is a big fiesta. The capital, Madrid, holds the largest bullfight festival, San Isidro.

June. Granada hosts the International Festival of Music and Dance. Listen to the sound of guitars and castanets and enjoy flamenco dancing around Alhambra Palace.

July. No doubt, the biggest fiesta this moth is the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. If you want to have a thrill and running out of the way of bulls, this is the place for you. the festival starts on the 7th and lasts for a week.

On the 25th it’s the Día de Santiago (Saint James). the pilgrimage to Santiago is a fantastic tourist venue for hikers and walkers. The Road crosses some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes and ends at Santiago de Compostela where the Saint’s tomb lies in the Cathedral.

August. If it’s August, it’s La tomatina! Since 1944, each year on the last Wednesday of August in the little town of Buñol, Valencia, between 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 pm, people fight the tomato war called the Tomatina.

September. Barcelona celebrates its biggest fiesta, the Festes de la Merce, a huge festival with folkloric parades, fireworks, dragons and giants. This would be a great opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating cities in Spain.

October. The 12th of October is Spain’s national day, celebrating Columbus’ landing in America.

Things quiet down until December when Christmas is celebrated in a pure Spanish style. Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) on the 24th tends to be a very quiet night in which all families have dinner together.


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