The world’s most expensive cities

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Don’t worry! None of them are from Spain, but it’s interesting to see how much it would cost to live there. This list is made yearly, and it’s based on criteria, such as housing, food, transportation and entertainment.

1. Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese pay $22 dollars for a movie ticket and rent for a two-bedroom apartment is somewhere around $5,000 per month.

2. Oslo, Norway. A ticket for a movie in Oslo is around $16. The rise of the city from last year’s 8th place is due to an upward trend in oil prices.

3. Luanda, Angola. The capital of Angola was actually no. 1 last year, but its currency, kwanza, depreciated since last year. EuroCost International estimates that an average foreigner pays around $3,500/month for a two-bedroom apartment in Luanda.

4. Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya is “the HQ” of the Japanese auto market, over 44% of the automobiles produced in Japan are made in Nagoya. Just think of Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and you’ll have a pretty accurate picture of Nagoya’s economy.

5. Yokohama, Japan. A movie ticket costs in average $19,5. Yokohama is just half an hour away from the capital, but it companies prefer it now due to the lower operating costs.

6. Stavanger, Norway. This is a suprise on this list, as you were expecting only big cities here. But Stavanger is a small seaside city, which earned its riches from the oil in the North Sea.

7. Kobe, Japan. Another Japanese presence in this list! According to the Japan External Trade Organization, 117 foreign and foreign-affiliated companies have offices in Kobe

8. Copenhagen, Denmark. A survey done in 2009 found that people have here the highest incomes. The third European presence in this list boasts good living standards, and the people don’t complain about the cost of living.

9. Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva, home of one of the U.N worldwide headquarters, maintains its position since last year. Here, food prices are 45% more expensive than in any other city in Western Europe.

10. Zurich, Switzerland. As with Geneva, Zurich maintains its position from last year in this top. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and home to many financial companies (not a strong point in these troubled times!). If you’re planning to have lunch someday in Zurich, think again! An average lunch costs around $25.

The list continues with other 2 Swiss cities, Basel and Bern. Paris is at number 16, and New York only at number 29!

Which is your favourite city out of the above?

Source: BusinessWeek


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