Pros and cons of living in Spain

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There’s a difference between living permanently in Spain and coming on vacation here. You don’t have to think that if you move here, you will be on vacation 365 days a year. There are some minor downsides that you have to take into consideration in relation to the pro arguments. Don’t forget that every country has some downsides. Just think about the cold weather in your country or about bureaucracy!

Pro no. 1. The climate. The warm climate is preferred by most people from Northern Europe or other cold parts of the world. The summers are hot everywhere and the winter is not so cold, but in some regions it can be colder than you might expect. Costa del Sol has a very mild winter, but the summers can get really hot. As long as you have the sea close to you,  the hot summer doesn’t sound that bad! Also, this region boasts 320 days of sunshine every year.

Aerial view of Marbella

Pro no.2-The cost of living.It has increased in recent years, but it still remains lower than other European countries. If you decide to live in the rural and coastal areas, such as the Costa del Sol, you will find that it is also lower than the capital or other major city.

Pro no.3- The people. They are really friendly, polite and eager to help you out. Familiarity is one of the main characteristics of the Spaniards and you will go a long way if you smile back and offer a greeting in their language.

Con no. 1. The crime rate. Spain has a high petty crime rate, due to thefts in stores, breaking and entering, or pickpocketing. You have to be very careful when you’re in a crowded area, but we must say that is a given almost everywhere.

Con no. 2. Bureaucracy. You have to fill an application form for everything and wait for approval. Patience is somewhat of a virtue in these cases.

Weigh in all the arguments, because we recommend living in Spain. You will feel more relaxed. Check out our properties available on!


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